By notpregnantthankgod / Friday 20 November 2015 17:20 / United Kingdom - Southampton
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By  Catdragon  |  40

congrats on not becoming a slave for 18 years

  Catdragon  |  40

congrats on having no sense of humor. it was a joke in case you missed it.

  Tyrez  |  32

Hehe, I've learned the hard way as well that FML community doesn't tolerate jokes in their comments. Apparently the comments are to prove to everyone how morally upright you are. All these egomaniacs make me sad.


I know it's not ideal and my plan has its flaws, but what else can she do? Also, if the girl is already known as the town gossip, then people might just believe OP over her.

By  heftysmash253  |  6

You dodged the real bullet here from becoming a teen mom. School only lasts so long, so just ignore any stories that get spread around. I suggest using contraception if you didn't previously as well.

By  Steve95401  |  48

You could have gone across town, or even to another city, to avoid running into someone who knows you.

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