By Username / Sunday 14 August 2011 17:44 / United States
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  LouisianaBob  |  9

Once when I was in subway I asked for a football meatlong, I realized what I said after the people behind me started laughing so I laughed too and I would have laughed if I heard you say that.

  ed11  |  1

Shudv had a v8

  wintamint101  |  7

well i'm sure you aren't the only one who can't

  hzsambo  |  3

good respond

By  amerwin  |  3

Did he respond with, "but it looks like you can handle two six inchers?"

  mollyslips  |  13

47, for a first timer, taking 12 inches would make you bleeed? i dont have any experience thank fuck, but im pretty scared of that situation happening!!:P

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