By fittingroompotty - / Monday 2 March 2009 13:38 / United States
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yeah that sucks. my roommate told me a story of about the retail store she works at, some lady came in, asked if they had a bathroom, she told her they didn't have a public bathroom but the office max RIGHT NEXT DOOR had one. the lady said she didn't need it right away then preceded to ask for a fitting room. once in the fitting room she took a ziploc bag from her purse, peed in it, occasionally missed so there was piss all over the floor and all over her hands i'm sure, then zipped up the bag a


whoa dude poor u. wait how did u kno it wuz a lady? if I did thar I wud run away asap.:/

ewww thats so nasty. i feel your pain, i work in retail too and that happen to us like half a year ago. except it was a baby instead of an old lady. so fucking gross


OK think about. honestly what happened: a girl shitted customers complained u found the shit u may or may not have had to clean it up they could have had people that clean stuff up honestly if u r a person who gets the complaints u probably wouldn't clean up shit just sayin. and if u knew who did it they probably confessed and then cleaned it up. either that or this is fake no way u would've they wouldn't put video cameras in the CHANGING ROOMS that's crazy and from outside the changing rooms u


Um, she said middle-aged, that means like 40-59 years old, maybe I'm slightly wrong but in no way does middle-age mean 60+! Idiota!

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