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Or you could try breaking the habbit wirh a dare of insanity. Easter bunny is weaæthy and I like lasagne..

Aw, poor OP, sometimes , it's good to take a break .. Family time :O !! Bring out the board games ! No, I'm talking about a real vacation .


Where does it suggest that OP doesn't have a job? I know people at my job that haven't had a vacation in years. It's not all that easy to do sometimes.

Get a good job get paid good money go on a nice vacation and if u r single u might just find yourself a descent guy and then it all works out... U'll thank me one day ;)


I'm amazed at how much of a disaster your comment is. If your grammar was Jewish people, you'd be worse than Hitler with how much you killed the English language. Also, your advice is awful. Have a pleasant day.


Plus I don't know why anyone would want a descent guy. He's obviously not going up in the world.

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