By figcurzyez - / Monday 23 May 2016 15:57 / United Kingdom - Harlow
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  Tripartita  |  43

That's nice and all, but this guy I know told me that roughly 38% of all intracranial voices are CAUSED by Bluetooth interference! That's why you have to make sure the earbuds are hollowed out. You can even buy them pre-hollowed; the guy who told me the statistic gives me a REALLY good deal on them, coincidentally…

  RosesThorn17  |  7

until he spends ages talking to the guy behind OP whilst the guy behind OP is at the till..meaning that the people behind the guy who was behind OP have to wait.

By  RosesThorn17  |  7

I hate when people at checkouts ect talk to people. It's either awkward and confusing if the situation goes as this, or its frustrating and annoying when you're waiting in queue for ages waiting on the cashier and customer in front so finish their damn conversation, FYL, OP.

By  KaylaTackett  |  18

I'm a cashier and I always find it rude when I'm with a customer and someone in line keeps asking me questions while I'm helping my current customer. Just please wait your turn or find another employee to help you out.

By  itsallabootily  |  17

As a cashier, I always make sure there's no customers to help before I chat with a friend. And if a customer comes up, I immediately help them and tell my friend to hold on a sec. It drives me insane when my coworkers try talking to me or their friends when they should be solely focusing on what's important, and that's the customer!

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