By AmberKCole - / Wednesday 8 July 2009 18:45 / United States
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  anoymousjoe  |  0

u guys are so FUCKING COOL. reply to the first comment so u can get to the top. i am saying this on behalf of the thousands of fml members, take a step back and literally FUCK YOUR OWN Face, k thanks.. and YDI

  soul3n  |  0

and #97 does it himself while saying bad thigns to the rest of the repliers. Fail. On the subject though, OP: you're stupid, be more patient. I'm sure that you'll get to your bar for your drinky-poo in time.


#97 has a valid point, and I believe he was replying to the idiots who reply to #1, that's why his/her post is that high up. So, the people who shot #97 down are actually fools. If you're that desperate to get your comment noticed, make a good one. Otherwise, stfu up and stay at the bottom

  harmony88  |  0

Seriously... everybody knows speeding is illegal, but some do it anyway... everybody thinks it's okay to speed to pass someone... but the law states that even when passing a slower driver, the speed limit must not be exceeded.

By  shaniqualee  |  2

Hahaha abortion face.

  SammyS2012  |  21

He might not have been going slow; everyone in Miami is convinced that driving the speed limit means that you're slow. It might be the same situation with this guy.


Today, I was sprinting to the bus stop trying to beat the bus. It pulled next to me and honked, startling me off the edge of the road. My foot slipped, I went tumbling, roadrashing my leg. The bus driver stopped, opened the door, and yelled "I was just letting you know this is a training bus." FML

By duzitickle - / Tuesday 4 August 2009 21:09 / United States
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