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  applesuckers  |  0

#13 was making a joke. The guy had said something rude to the OP, so the OP should say something rude back. #13 was saying that the OP should basically call that guy a p*$$y.

  xundria  |  5

Actually, 14 and 15 you're both wrong. Guys do technically have "clits." I say this because the muscle that makes up the "clit" in the female is the same exact muscle in males in our penis that absorbs blood to allow us to have an erection. Be a little more edumacated please. :) Have a nice day!

  SealClubber  |  0

technically guys do have a clit. male and female bodies are the same early on in the womb, and later form. clit turns into a penis for males, and ovaries descend and become testicles as the bodies change. hence why the clitoris gets harder when aroused. it's like a mini wiener with an erection essentially.

  xundria  |  5

@94: You don't seem to be so intelligent. Do a little research on the human anatomy before trying to seem like you are. The "clitoris" is made up of the same muscle that in males absorbs the blood causing what you and I and everyone else knows as an "erection." Humans are born in both the same body, just like 84 said, females ovaries are our balls.

  RKftw  |  0

at 22 I love how you have to proclaim your manhood. it was a joke. odviously guys don't have clits, so she would be implying he was a girl. shithead

  Mordecai89  |  0

women are so up tight... just smile, blush, and walk away... he knows that he just gave you something to later talk about with your friends, (and then we become the "topic of conversation")

By  SubjectDelta  |  0

So this cute girl walks by right? Her dog is just adorable so I told her she had a nice pooper, she blushes and runs off right? Weird I didn't know girls were so sensitive about their dogs... Oh yeah she also had a nice anal cavity, I wanted to put it on my face.

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