By Anonymous - / Thursday 8 October 2015 01:47 / United States - Woodbridge
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  scoobysnarks  |  13

Yeah, I'd tell the teacher about the hypocrisy, and if there's a Q&A afterward, ask them if they were just conducting research, or if they actually intended to bully you - and why shouldn't you feel like they intended to bully you, since that's how you felt?

By  whoredom  |  21

maybe you can push their grade down.

  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

Cause if all they do is bully/tease people and annoy them not many people would wanna stay with them

  brezzyanna  |  17

This girl bullied me and another girl relentlessly for 2 years. She started bullying us online just when that became punishable by the school. Told the principal, but she said the bully looked too sweet and that she probably didn't mean any of what she said and didn't punish her

  MrsPegg  |  45

If only that were true. I was horrifically bullied- excuse me, abused- in high school, and whenever I stood up to them, it made everything so much worse. Ignoring them is what worked. I ended up dropping out at 16 and was in College immediately, so then again, I'm not the norm.


It's strange that you were bullied, normally the pretty girls are popular

  lunaangel  |  14

It doesn't I matter if your pretty or not if people decide they don't like you for whatever reason nothing can stop them from tearing you down until they feel better than you .all you can really do is take advantage of any small victory that comes your way

  MrsPegg  |  45

Yall are all so true!! Bullies only need a microscopic reason to torture someone. In regards to the gentleman above about my looks and popularity-vs-bullying, I was never even remotely popular and was very poor so I never had nice clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. My school was a magnet school and very high class, high social ranking in an "old money" town. In other words, I got in on my grades. So not having money, being the oddball out and being unable to keep up with social norms led to my bullying. I grew up and "blossomed". So, not to make this a sob story or bullying thread, but if anyone reading this is being bullied, I'm living proof it's not permanent and am down for talking to you if you want. Just PM me.

By  blondeamazonian  |  18

Well, they are experts on bullying aren't they? Their time will come. All of the girls that bullied me and made my life miserable for years can't even look me in the eye now. And none of them have gone anywhere in life.


Karma is awesome. Mostly I'm just proud that I didn't stoop down to their level. So I can walk past them with my head held high and know that I was never that shitty and immature.

  Mauskau  |  35

I used to get bullied by "friends" because I didn't want to go out and get drunk or get addicted to nicotine or drugs. They're all wasting their lives away wondering why their grades are rubbish and they can't get a job, whereas I'm already earning probably three times as much as those that have jobs. I guess it pays to be boring :)

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