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Are you married now? Either way, that sucks. I am also pregnant and have hit the crying stage. I hate it because usually I am quite the unfeeling zealot.


There's not much logic behind pregnancy hormones. It's out of the woman's control. I'm sure normally OP wouldn't give a shit about her ex.


I reread my comment a few times and I never mentioned her not getting over her ex. And I also stated how hormones are out of a woman's control. What were you trying to correct...

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It wasn't even about the guy from 9 years ago. Pregnancy hormones will have you crying if you can't find your shoes. There is zero logic to the thought process but it'll be something like "I can't find my shoes so I can't go to the store and if I can't go to the store I can't get milk and my baby is going to be malnourished and it'll be all my fault" and then 2 minutes later, you're fine and thinking of what color sheets you want for the baby's room, lol.

Pregnancy hormones are for the books. My husband came home one day and found me sobbing. I was crying over every person who had ever hugged him because they had held my whole world in their arms at some point. Yeah. It hit out of nowhere. I understand OP.

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