By Anonymous - / Friday 29 April 2016 17:59 / United States
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OP didn't say they even responded to the other persons insults. They were being insulted and then were delighted by the fact that the biker ran into a post. Who wouldn't feel a great amount of satisfaction seeing that? OP did nothing wrong and in no way do they deserve to be chased down by an obnoxious asshole.


I'm pretty sure you read the post wrong. OP was the one being made fun of, until the bully hit a post. THEN she laughed. The bully deserved a YDI. OP gets an FML, since the bully chased her/him for laughing at him.

Well, I mean, you got a good laugh and a work out. Both equally healthy. Right? On a serious note though; I'm sorry you got made fun of OP. That douche-waffle deserved to hit every damn street lamp in his path.

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