By josie345 / Thursday 25 August 2011 02:07 / United States
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  n_epic_fail  |  14

giggling... such a weird word, ummm. makes me kind of giggle.

  FFPulley  |  9

Pull your head out of your ass and pay attention when you cross the street. And if you're going to laugh at guys with stupid stickers on their helmet, then you might want to learn how to duck or something.

  kameryn25  |  3

Also caravan could be referring to the Chrysler caravan. And I've noticed that some motorcycle drivers feel like they own the road, one time I turned left on a green arrow and apparently I cut off a motorcycle driver from the other side and he made it his duty to speed up to my window and cuss me out. I wonder why they have so much pent up aggression?

  nswan  |  5

#97 if you've ever ridden a motorcycle or taken an msf course you would know that intersections are the leading area of fatal accidents for motorcycles, and this is because of them being cut off by someone taking a left and not seeing them, you most likely did cut him off. and i'd be pissed off/ have been pissed off when it happens to me

  FFPulley  |  9

96- if that was for me then I never said you couldn't laugh at anyone with stupid stickers. Just, if you do be ready to make evasive maneuvers. Things may get thrown in your direction. As in OP's case. I don't have that problem because I don't have stickers on my helmet. But it does match my motorcycle.


#128, except he expressly mentioned he was turning left with a green arrow, meaning he would have had the right away as the cyclist would have had to be either making a right turn on red ( meaning he should have yielded to the traffic with the green arrow) or flat out ran the red light if not making a right turn. There is no traffic at all (save ambulances, etc) that has right away over someone turning left with a green arrow signal. In 97's example the cyclist put himself in that situation unless when 97 made the left he turned into the far lane of traffic rather than the nearest lane which is the only possible way he could have been at fault. That said, there's no defence for the jaywalking a-hole in this FML.

By  tsim_fml  |  0

hahahaha idk why that made me laugh

  Bobby319  |  24

Yeah well the guy had a right to be angry that a idiot jay walker almost made him crash

  cass85  |  8

Yeah I was waiting for someone to say this. Before I could drive, jaywalking seemed fine and like not that much of a threat to anyone as long as you were careful, then I started to drive and, fuck me, I never thought I'd hate pedestrians more than other drivers. Jesus fucking Christ. And they usually jaywalk with a pedestrian crossing in actual sight.

YDI OP. I don't know what makes you think you're so special.

  tj4234  |  35

Totally agree. OP shouldn't have jaywalked. I live in a country where Jaywalking is legal and if you're a biker you really have to watch out for the pedestrians. I was out driving in a car the other week and in one street alone in my area there must have been about 10 people jaywalked right in front of me forcing me to break. If I had hit them in my car I'd have probably been fine, if I'd hit them on a bike I'd be dead. The biker in the story probably saw his life flash before his eyes when OP walked out so this is totally OP's fault.

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