By not laughing anymore / Thursday 11 December 2014 19:55 / Netherlands - Egelshoek
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Well your clearly a genius. Ok maybe I overreacted a little but that's basically what the FML is about no need to repeat it :)

  PSYqualiac  |  17

Number 25, you're bad and you. should feel bad. Number 2 was right. It is "Your". It's not "You are parents..." that would just sound stupid.

  GEFStryker  |  27

Hey #25, it's obviously a typo and he was replying to #22. Also, I would refrain from acting like a dick if you can't even keep track of your own punctuation, or understand the context of a reply that is directly underneath the original post the reply containing a typo is referencing. Think you're capable of understanding that, your literary highness?

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