By Anonymous - / Friday 26 November 2010 05:23 / Canada
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OP kind of deserves it, i mean, i don't know them, they may have just taken one picture, but can anyone point out a recent concert that wasn't filled with 70% of the people holding their cameras/phones in the air? It's called enjoying the music people...


this is not a FML this is just something that happened at a concert that turns into an awesome story to tell people. Fuck people are whiney bitches these days!

I have tickets to see Ozzy. He's not my favorite but I wanted to see him before he dies.(: Man can barely speak but I heard he has no problems singing on stage. Lol. He's touring with Slash! (That's who I'm looking forward to seeing!)


Really?! You're looking forward to see Slash and not Ozzy?! First time I heared that :/ I dream of going to a concert, I live in Saudi Arabia so that's not going to happen here. Hopefully I'll be in Canada in a few months for college :)

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