By Missa - / Saturday 4 July 2009 03:04 / Canada
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  genius_man16  |  0

dude, WTF? Chill out. You sound like a fat snotty Wal-Mart employee. Who gives two shits if some 7 year-old girls are playing with a beach ball? Regardless of the fact that they weren't, you are just a 100% asshole. YDI completely.

By  itsgen  |  15

hahah but why blame the little kids if you have no proof wow i didnt know beach balls hurt soo bad that you had to go yelling at two little gurls

  kingbeau  |  0

I don't see how anyone could keep a job or get business in retail if they go around yelling at the closest children whenever anything goes wrong... "Ouch, paper cut! Hey you over there! Hey kid!! Yeah you, you little shit! Go get me a damn band-aid you clumsy son of a bitch!!" "What do you mean we're fifteen cents short in the till? Hey you!! Yeah you, breast-feeding that thieving little cunt! Give'im here! I'll show him what for!!!!" Seriously, making kids cry loses customers, and "reaming them out" even if it is clearly their fault constitutes "making a scene" and that is just bad business practice.... It looks bad, doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong to do it. Edit: Huh, just meant to reply to the thread, but oh well, guess it fits...

By  chanman  |  0

Who hit YDI probably never worked in a place with plenty of kids. They can be annoying (even the cute ones), and it's usually them.

By  EugenicMedic  |  0

Whatever, they're little kids, they deserve to be yelled at and to suffer.

By  SusanaSaysRawrxD  |  0

Awwh. Poor kids. I did something kinda similar; I lost my iPod, and I blamed my little sister, because she always plays 'hide and seek' with it. It was under the couch the whole time. /: YDI for blaming children you don't know, though.

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