By Anonymous / Tuesday 10 November 2015 22:50 / United States
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By  ColonelCusswords  |  24

Lil too hard on that stop, eh seatbelt choker?

By  UncleHoodie  |  22

Better safe than sorry!

By  Guy_Named_Dav  |  14

Try to be positive about it. At least you had a good excuse for a longer lunch break!

By  mr_t_07  |  10

At least they didn't not go off when you got in a crash

By  Zufallian  |  34

Do you happen to have an Acura MDX? I have one and there was a recall for it recently. The front airbags can deploy at random, or with a lot of pressure in the case of an accident. They said if you bring it in then they will fix up the airbags for free.

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