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After being hit, he said, "oh, oops, do you need to get out?" I was let out, and after waiting in a line of about 6 people, I made it to the restroom.
By fractured_ / Tuesday 5 August 2014 05:17 /
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By  whatafuckup  |  14

Why would you disturb him

  mpkpm  |  19

Damn fatties..

  meli1195  |  31

Damn rude people who make fun of others for their weight....

By  isisorchid  |  16

I hope you peed on him. :P I would've just hit the call light for the attendant to move him.

  xxrogerthatxx  |  19

*Pokemon reference*

By  xxrogerthatxx  |  19

Reflex? More like highly annoyed. I don't see any one hitting in the face via reflex to shoulder taking.

  DeltaDragonxx  |  20

yes, because if you wake up to a stranger touching you your just gonna sit there. (and maybe watch them burn)

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