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If OP has to carry pepper spray I don't think the Boss is the kind of person who will sit down for a heart to heart with OP about why the they hate OP. The Boss sounds more like a person with the "attack first, ask questions later" mentality.


I would take it to HR first before talking to the boss. Document everything, and then have HR deal with the boss. Also, report any retaliation that the boss sends your way (don't forget to document anything that looks like retaliation).

He might resent you because he envies you, sees similarities of himself he doesn't like, or you're a pain in his butt. Smart to carry pepper spray! ignore him, we can't please everyone!


Well, it seems that OP is carrying pepper spray in the event that the boss is tempted to commit a salt for some inexplicable reason; it's not something that can simply be ignored. [walks away slowly and quietly]

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