By Pk45 - / Friday 11 November 2011 15:37 / United Kingdom
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By  JiggyBoo123  |  11

You don't like WINNING. (Charlie Sheen was in "All Dogs go to Heaven." Look it up.)

  benderbot19  |  0

I don't want to look it up. I want first commenters to have something funny or intelligent to say, otherwise stop rushing to be first. WINNING is not funny anymore. Never really was...

  YayorNay  |  8

5 - what a shitty situation. Btw this isn't funny either.

  Jiplo  |  18

not good. Ferbies are creepy enough when they work correctly, so just imagine what it would be like for a Ferbie to glitch out and screech at you. As a kid.

  Raivyn_Grimm  |  9

I have to admit... If I got a job making furbees (as ridiculous as that may be), I would make one single furbee that every twenty or so sayings would say something creepy... like "Let's see how long you can hold your breath! Do you have any plastic bags?" or some such thing. Okay, maybe not one single furbee. But just a few. Am I a terrible person?

By  sajupt  |  17

I hate dogs too.

  japtch  |  15

Why do people always measure strength in balls? Balls are squishy and sensitive. Maybe he should grow a vagina, because vaginas take a pounding.


Today, I faced my severe phobia of spiders in order to remove a rather large one from my home. After 20 minutes of desperate struggling, it was finally taken care of. Relieved, I sat down and glanced across the hallway just in time to see a second, equally large spider strutting across the wall. FML

By Lepisma / Wednesday 26 June 2013 07:19 / United States - College Station

Today, my boyfriend came over for the first time after we made up from a huge fight. He loves my cat, but she's sick right now so she wouldn't play with him. He yelled at me for "making" her not like him by "telling her lies". FML

By littlekellilee - / Monday 7 October 2013 16:20 / Canada - Fredericton
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