By anon - / Friday 5 December 2014 15:44 / United States - Georgetown
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  Futacy  |  29

Given it's Texas, there's a pretty good chance it will backfire. I have nothing against people from texas, but let's face it, the laws there don't even try to pretend that they protect the workers.

By  RA91  |  26

It sucks when managers are cheap and cut corners :/ sorry op.

  shaww  |  28

No mr krabs would make you pay him

By  kingcaper817  |  14

Cheap bastard just quit you aren't going anywhere there

By  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

I'm sure that funds have been allocated for this situation, and if it's corporate policy for you to receive bonuses, your manager is obligated to provide those bonuses.

By  tbro47  |  23

Yea well I'm sure karma will catch up to him later when no one wants to put in the extra effort. He doesn't know much about human psychology apparently

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