By GettingNone / Thursday 25 June 2009 03:05 / France
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By  Wheats62  |  0

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By  Wheats62  |  0

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  genius_man16  |  0

I agree with having a conversation about her, but I don't think it's a reason to jump to the conclusion of why guys cheat. They cheat because they are douchebags. If not having sex or whatever is that big of a deal to your relationship, and you talk to your wife about it being a problem and she still doesn't compromise, then you should just get a divorce. There is NEVER any need to cheat. EVER.

  lolzforfun228  |  3

this is why some religions allow you to have more than 1 wife :D


Dammnn dude no wonder shes been cumming over my house so much. You aint giving her shit!

  mattmag  |  0

Cheating is a good method of revenge. She breaks your trust, you break hers. It'll piss her off a lot more than just breaking up. Other than that, I can't think of any particularly good reasons to cheat.

  dvs01  |  0

There is NEVER any reason to cheat, EVER?

Such a closed-minded thing to say. FYL :)

  ama17  |  0

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this couple has been married WAY LONGER than 4 years...
It's great you and your wife have a great sex life, but don't brag before it's been more than a few decades...lol

Still, I totally agree something's wrong in that relationship... popping an ingrown hair? That's something a doctor should do, because it's a totally non-intimate act! This poor husband.

  pwnrzero  |  0

your married and you dont go 2-3 days without sex?


i'd be happy with once every 1-3 months

[and that just to have kids]

  saa994  |  0

@ #108: you only have sex once every few months? JUST to have kids? that's really sad. married couples should have sex frequently. that's the only way to keep the relationship healthy.

By  Hustlinpimp  |  0

You are probably the most whipped person ever haha, popping your wife's ingrown hair near her crotch makes you soo damn whipped haha

  thatisjank  |  0

#8 Yrr A Cutie. (;

By  TheAmazing_fml  |  0

oh my. poor u. this is going to force u to get a hooker. i strongly suggest u talk with ur wife about this and fuck her after u talk.... damn. some ppl cant stand a day.....


Today, whilst at my awards night, I got a boner, right as it was my turn to accept my award. To avoid a awkward situation, I flipped it up and under my belt. This failed to make the situation any less awkward, because the head of my penis poked out through my shirt, in plain view of the audience. FML

By Anonymous / Friday 17 September 2010 06:57 / Australia
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