By bgierczak2 / Monday 31 August 2015 04:50 / United States - San Francisco
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By  Ankit_A14190  |  11

I'm just gonna guess that he didn't want to fire someone, it's hard to tell someone that they don't have a job anymore.

By  chocolatelover96  |  14

Is there anyone higher you can go to? Maybe report it to the police. Because this sounds as suspicious as anything, and if he wasn't responsible, he sure knows who is and is covering. Get that CCTV!


Today, at my job in a pub, I was cleaning the pub garden ready for closedown. There was a girl crouched on the floor under a table. By the time I'd realised what she was doing and turned around, she'd already finished, apologised, and left me to clean up her piss. FML

By wtfamidoing98 - / Saturday 19 November 2016 19:54 / United Kingdom - Aberystwyth
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