Saudi Arabia

Today, my uncle asked me to help him organize a surprise party for my twin sister. I think he doesn’t get the concept of “twins”. FML

By ismomalle - / Thursday 3 November 2011 13:38 / Saudi Arabia
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  Dave_Davington  |  27

I hear there's a lot of bowing in front of a big black rock.

  dogestuffup  |  11

I can answer to this. I am a muslim an I had been to Mecca a lot. Mecca isn't like you imagine, a series of desert caves, but a lively city with malls, parks, Towers, and even a big University.

By  SpartyOnWayne  |  18

Maybe he asked your twin the same thing, in order to make both of you think you're not getting a party, and then have it be even more of a surprise when you both do!

  Melofa28  |  10

that's exactly what I was going to say! That way, both twins believe they aren't getting a party and then they will both be pleasantly surprised

By  Goblin182  |  26

I know this is creepy, but maybe your Uncle has a thing for your sister?

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