By Disappointed / Saturday 4 October 2014 03:08 /
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  Helpfulman  |  17

It does help regulate hormones but it wouldn't really affect acne that much...


Maybe the daughter mixed up Morning After pills with Birth Control pills? Maybe she heard that Birth Control prevents acne, and assumed that all pregnancy preventing pills get rid of acne? This needs a follow up

  CoolCookie210  |  22

Plot twist: it's actually for her acne

  euphoricness  |  28

Plot twist: the acne is on her belly making her look pregnant!

By  toowie_fml  |  20

I really hope she meant birth control, but I doubt that's the case. Good luck OP

  ostfaiz  |  17

morning after pills are actually emergency contraceptives!

By  ostfaiz  |  17

Speak up..One2One

By  blushingrose  |  3

You can actually use it for acne...

  cocacola999  |  26

My best friend in high school used to have a bad problem with acne. The idiotic things she tried, just because someone anonymous in an online forum recommended it...

By  martin8337  |  35

The pimple in her womb.

  martin8337  |  35

OOOOOO , #24, I'm shaking in my boots , you got me running scared.

  martin8337  |  35

Ever hear of sarcasm?

By  klenorris  |  15

lay the smack down on her.....

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