By jlol / Thursday 5 March 2015 14:32 / United States
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By  quinn1184  |  25

I would've laughed if I was in your class :)

  sstahpp  |  33

Wouldnt of what?

  sstahpp  |  33

Lololol yeah okay. Because both comments makes soooooo much sense.

  1dvs_bstd  |  41

I know right? Because domestic violence and making a joke that could land someone in huge ass trouble is so harmlessly hilarious... mannn aren't those sorta jokes a hoot?!


Yeah, how dense can you get OP? You know how paranoid and protective our society has become. I feel bad for your parents who now have to put up with an investigation because of their idiot child.

  Dimps94  |  9


By  singafairytale  |  11

Why on earth would you think that's funny? I can think of so many reasons why it's not. The main one being because those children who ARE abused finally get the courage to tell someone and because of kids like you, no one believes them and thinks they're joking. You're an ass and YDI.

By  TheGolfGTI  |  24

You have to be careful with your jokes OP, they can either hit or miss.

  brand125  |  17

people are sensitive

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