By really / Thursday 13 November 2014 18:17 / Canada - Calgary
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Some teachers are straight up satan spawn. I was being bullied by the same group of kids, and every time I told the teacher she would say "tell me if it happens again" and drop it there. I went to the principal after about a month and got the same response. Finally one day I lost it and punched the kid back, just as the teacher walked in. I was suspended for 3 days for "assaulting an innocent victim" and told that it doesn't count as self defense unless you are surrounded by people trying to hurt you.


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Some teachers are ridiculous. Like the one from a while ago kicking all of her students out and bitching about them. Tough job and its a shame we don't always get the best person for the job.

Man, is this a universal thing or what? everywhere there is that one teacher, who likes to create mountain out of molehill and pick on students for no apparent reason. Btw, i hope you don't get suspension OP.

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