By lanz4949 - / Tuesday 19 March 2013 04:40 / Canada - Calgary
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  HeartOfLead  |  24

No Jarrettd, stop thinking illogically! We've already established that the girlfriends Crazy Bitch Superstition Syndrome has taken full control of her, jeesh.

By  apax  |  9

I reckon that's a lucky escape there. If something so small carries such significance in a big life event then they were probably looking for a way out of it.

By  alexsam_fml  |  10

YDI because this breakup is a sign that you deserve someone less crazy.

  thejimler  |  9

He deserves it in the sense that it is in his best interests. Like saying ' you deserve a cold can of soda' or 'you deserve not to be married to a nitwit who could blame her poor judgement on new age bullshit'

  lilhellian  |  26

Yes, because I couldn't figure that out from the FML.. If anything capitalizing "that" instead of "marry" would've been better.. As in you're showing your disgust at her...

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