By Chicagoillinois - / Saturday 3 January 2015 21:16 / United States - San Francisco
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  feelingold  |  18

No offence but, even if you agree, how is this an FML for OP? Does he routinely have to bury his nose in his step dad's crotch? And how did he even get into this argument in the first place (some debate about scented shower gel OP wants mum to buy perhaps?) He sounds annoying and whiny to me.

  feelingold  |  18

Even if you agree with OP, how is this an FML for him? Does he have to bury his face in step-dad's crotch?
I'm also wondering how on earth this argument even happened...was it about some shower gel OP uses that the step dad doesn't like the smell of or thinks is too expensive? I find it impossible to believe that they were genuinely arguing about whether you need soap on your privates/pits.

  crankawank  |  19

Actually, depending on the person you don't necessarily need to wash your body to be hygienic; in fact washing your body too much can be harmful in that it strips away your skin's layer of healthy bacteria. I personally don't use any cleansers to wash my skin, and I smell like rainbows and sunshine.


Actually you need to strip away the top layers of skin. That's all dead skin, and when you don't wash properly, bacteria gives you acne and you get dead skin and grease buildup that can cause skin irritations or worse.

  NLM22  |  14

I don't get it


@41- It doesn't matter that Axe now makes soaps. Some of us are still traumatized from the scent of Axe being mixed with BO in the hallways of high school. Six years later, any Axe product still makes me gag. The entire product line is just a terrible, terrible thing.

By  man_in_black08  |  28

I guess he really has a 37 year old way of thinking. Remind him that we no longer living in the past!

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