By noodlesandmilk - / Sunday 13 December 2015 14:10 / Australia - Canberra
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@59 Probably not, but I just love chocolate milk. I don't have a "stop, that's enough" button. I think I have a problem. I ran out of it the other day, and I just stared into space and contemplated my choices in life.

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Also if you include the day this FML was submitted (13th), if they each drank 2/3 of a bottle every day they'd be finished by the 19th. Or the step-dad and step-brother could drink one a day and OP wouldn't even have to touch it (though it would probably make a nice change from the tap water since the step-brother didn't buy any other drinks)

I wonder if he actually went to the grocery store, or when shopping at the dollar store... either way, he needs to be a big boy before shopping alone again

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