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yeah i know, who uses that terminology anyways.... but i bet they wernt so happy after that incident.


#202 - I love the irony on this website, don't you? "u sound ruhtarded. call them balls or something"

What is a shop-vac? Also, if you are driving a car how can you hit your husband in his "happy-sack" without fully running his whole body over?


Yeah, I think it's the husbands fault....how can you get hit THERE with a CAR MIRROR without getting ACTUALLY run over?

This makes no sense...did you park safely and then jump out of the car and punch his happy sacks? Did you simply bump into them? Or are happy sacks not what we are all thinking at all?

YDI for driving while female. Also, how the hell do you hit your husband in the balls while driving, Like you would hit his whole waist.

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