By Anonymous - / Wednesday 26 October 2011 05:43 / United States
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By  ScarletBloom  |  14

The dog didn't retaliate?

Send me a picture of your shaved dog. Im curious.

  creampie18  |  5

Your a fucking idiot, quit trying to be funny... your NOT!

  Nerry_fml  |  0

56, you know...you probably could have corrected him without looking like a douchebag. Just sayin.

By  JustinThunder  |  8

That sucks hard. Hope your son gets help.

By  jwade11  |  12

Haha ya right lol

By  perdix  |  29

I'll bet the dog looks adorable in the sweater. You know what would be even cuter? A dog in a sweater smoking a pipe! You could steal your son's.

Besides shaving the dog, was he also trying to teach it to walk backwards?

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