By Brooke - / Sunday 9 August 2009 15:23 / United States
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your fucking stupid. if you were reacting to something, you would KNOW IT. OH MY GOD, MY SKIN IS CHANGING TONE, IM NOT IN PAIN OR ANYTHING, AND REALLY THERE SEEMS TO BE NO DIFFERENCE BUT COLORATION. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I MUST BE DYING or you could calmly wipe it like a normal person.

  mekeskidi_fml  |  0

http://www.viedemerde.fr/inclassable/815090 Aujourd'hui, en sortant de la douche, je remarque que mes jambes sont bleues. Après plusieurs heures d'angoisse, je me rends chez le médecin. Il me passe un coton sur les jambes : c'est mon nouveau jean qui a déteint. VDM

  Travestie616  |  0

Yeah. There is. If you're supposed to be one color and you turn another color, that usually indicates that something isn't right. That's my "I'm speaking to a two-year-old" answer for you, though I suspect you were referring to racism.

  mrosew442  |  10

maybe she wasn't referring to THAT kind of night. maybe they were just going to go on a date or something. but thanks any way for making the world dirty.

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