By Addison / Monday 25 June 2012 00:28 / Canada - Kingston
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  iStrukk  |  7

if you play with a message about sex, and masturbation is a form of sex, then technically wouldnt he be playing with his sister?

  Yorih  |  19

Aha that'd be funny, the boyfriend would proper get confused though xD
I'm gonna presume you're either paraphrasing or just describing, because if she actually said that she's terrible at sexting x)


19 - Pull-out method alone doesn't work. Even if you have the patience and mental discipline of a Xaolin monk, precum still has some jizz in it. Doesn't take much of it to conceive.

  shots1996  |  8

Wear that latex so you don't get that late text sayin "I'm late" text

By  theoriok  |  14

Hey you don't be silly
put a condom on your willy
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
-Def Dames Dope

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