By DanTheMan - / Tuesday 21 October 2014 02:29 /
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One of my close friends still LOVES Bieber. She has a poster in her locker. *sigh* I'm not exactly thrilled that she still likes him, but she's my friend so I'm just gonna let her roll with it.

  2ndSucks  |  15

Your advice is not very helpful, man

By  rosha267  |  21

I think Justin Beiber is pretty great. I'm a big fan

  rosha267  |  21

One shouldn't be afraid to voice their opinions no matter how unpopular they might be


Sure, 20. This is the Internet. You have that right. Just don't expect anyone to support you or your opinions and kiss your ass. After all it's MY opinion that Beliebers are stupid. You have to respect that. No, I didn't think you were going to. Didn't expect you to. Didn't need you to.

  may14th  |  26

he is great

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