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All I can think of is Wednesday and Pugsley Addams when they did their play on stage and began squirting the front row of the audience with their "blood".


That wasn't a swing and a miss. That was so dreadful that you're still sitting on the bench, awaiting your great opportunity to even take a swing.


im going to assume that it wasn't because of the nose bleed. unless he let it drip through the solo lol


They want the ydi badge, or they're just irrational. Unless op was doing a little booger sugar to get ready to perform haha.

at least you didn't get stage fright with a disturbing twitch on your cheek and eye. always happens to me with a room full of people. it gets bad enough where i can't see out of one of my eyes because the twitch blocks my sight. it also looks like i am half smiling. people laugh.

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