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  JustinKirby  |  20

Some of the FML's published are just straight up bullshit. Dislike this if you want but unless they have am extremely rare case of bi polar ( which they wouldn't have them share a room) that shit wouldn't happen.

  ksks1234  |  33

I agree with #1 about the moving out. I had a friend that was bipolar and refused to get any treatment or take medication, he thought that is was "their way of controlling his mind." I tired to help as much as I could, but he tried to bring me down with him. Op, you cannot help someone if they do not want it.


That's so not true 47, I have a relatively minor case of bipolar II and when I took the wrong meds or tried to stop certain meds too abruptly, I tried to fight my family (like seriously fight them) because they tried to get me to stop "landscaping" after 48 straight hours of it (I was digging up the yard and pulling up slabs of cement.)

My dad who has bipolar I does some really horrible things that he is ashamed of when he goes off of his meds, and something like this FML wouldn't be too out of place. Especially when he starts to hear voices or believe he is god.

It's not that unheard of or rare for very serious things like this to happen.


I forgot to add that if that kind of stuff, or anything violent to them self or others, occurs, they need to see a psychiatrist or even be admitted somewhere involuntarily immediately. It's one thing to do weird stuff, but it's a whole different level of bad when one is dangerous.

  JustinKirby  |  20

My brother has bi polar pretty badly and he doesn't act any different from anyone else besides a few mood swings. But the way people identify bi polar irritates me because they make people sound as if they have something so wrong with them.

  negb  |  30

There are very minor case of bipolar and then very major ones. I'm bipolar and although I've been on medication most of my life and am not a violent person, I can tell you that this is easily a real situation. When a bipolar person goes into a "manic" state, they can get so "high" that they believe they are invincible.
It sounds like OP's roommate can also get extremely upset about little things. OP, I really do recommend you call the cops if your roommate tried to stab you. They need help and it's for the best.

By  Dalleee  |  29

that guy needs to relax a bit, but it is not nice to throw away someone's food. :/

  TheTacoMan  |  24

#3, do you know what bipolar means? It means that the person has mood swings that he can't really help. No sane and perfectly healthy person would stab someone over moldy cheese.

  kinky44  |  28

#13 You know what blue cheese is right?

  Enslaved  |  36

I agree, with #3 you don't throw other people's things away without them knowing first. The OP isn't the one eating it.
Besides some moldy cheeses (especially if it's a hard block of cheese) are still perfectly fine to eat if you cut the bad part around it off. That knife was probably to be used for that but since you threw it out?
I don't know what part of the US the OP is from but if they're from Wisconsin? Those people are crazy (bipolar or not) about their cheese!

By  cricketsins  |  36

Your roommate is extremely irresponsible to not be taking his medication. Stay out of his way, and if you have a way to contact his parents or psychiatrist, do it. Or call the police if another incident occurs. He is obviously a danger to others and very likely to himself as well.

  Zebediabolical  |  36

#5 has the right idea, but fuck waiting for another incident. Call the police now. Yes. Now. Stop reading this and call them. Or else next time, after you've been stabbed or had a television pushed through your skull, it's a well deserved YDI.

  fakedsincerity  |  32

I'm bipolar and I take my meds not only to keep myself sane, but it not be awful to my loved ones. OPs roommate is thoughtless and gives people with bipolar a bad name.

  TheTacoMan  |  24

He isn't going to a mental asylum because he has mood swings... He was pissed off and couldn't help it. Sure he should contact someone but isn't a mental asylum a HUGE leap?

  Dre27  |  20

#46, If you point a knife at someone based on your mental disorder, you need help, especially if you've already seen a doctor and gotten meds for it

By  rockhead1270  |  5

You put yourself in the hole situation living there. You can't pick your nose but you can pick your friends

  Cadillac4427  |  8

that makes no sense, you can pick your nose....besides, what if he didn't find out until after he moved in as a roommate ? it may not have even been disclosed previously.

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