By Anonymous - / Thursday 12 December 2013 08:51 / Australia - Donvale
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  synsam  |  4

ya and writers are supposed to live alone in a castle, have huge beards and complain about the industry they work in...or that could just be Alan Moore.

  Zazoo1995  |  23

Gay or straight, I don't appreciate people who don't respect boundaries.

Even when I was in the locker rooms in high school for gym, I was cool with all the guys because I didn't look/gawk at any of them. They did their business and I did mine.. They don't need their privacy violated.

But of course I would check them out in the hallways because... That's fair game ;)

By  Bradley_Dillon  |  39

He sounds like an enjoyable person.

By  thedeadmen  |  14

Kick his ass

By  Kiki242  |  19

Push him out of the bed.

By  traumamedic3  |  9

Looks like we got another one with mommy issues.

  traumamedic3  |  9

Since when do grown ass men sob and asked to be spooned? I reiterate, mommy issues!

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