By Anonymous / Wednesday 6 July 2011 18:45 / United States
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  6tori6  |  5

Then maybe you shouldn't be Grammar Nazi. YDI. Its really annoying, and I will let you know that I thumbed your comment. Down.

By  meliesFML  |  0

ouch. blonde moment.

  Tcaret300  |  12

I think that thumbs down are just thumbs up that didn't get enough attention as a child... but yeah, maybe even a drunk moment lol.


it's okay 86, I don't understand it either. it's a stupid expression and has nothing to do with the FML. And I like how he commented on a comment, which, once again, had nothing to do with the comment.

  ascott1127  |  0

actually I think it was along the lines of op is an idiot and therefore should be the "poster child" for birth control..... because if you take birth control this could have been prevented!

  threer  |  30

Your dick's intact. It means 'stop complaining, your dick didn't fall off'.

  SirObvious  |  1

that was three.

By  kkbabe01xo  |  0

D-U-M-B-A-S-S! What does that spell? Op!!

  threer  |  30

Guys. Stop lying to the newbies. It means Obvious Prick. OP's meaning is for the posters that deserve what happened.

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