By Snurkles McGree - / Thursday 29 December 2011 06:47 / Canada
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  arcanevandal  |  0

Shouldn't your grandma be living at the nursing home? Because then you could just have a look yourself when you go to visit.

  gojira666  |  7

Tyler perry should be shot. One bullet for every episode of house of payne.

  EminGH  |  7

What if she found out she was a racist after hearing her reply?

  Isoldael  |  25

22 - if she was complaining about the nurse being black, you can sort of assume she's racist I guess.
27 - of course you don't have to accept it, but that doesn't make OP's comment smart. It's like bringing a boyfriend (if you're a guy) to a homophobic friend's home. Acceptable? Sure. Smart? Probably not...

By  abbytequiere  |  9

Well.. That's one way to get things going. I hate to say it, but you kinda deserve it because you knew she was like that. And when people get that old, there's no hope for change. But yet.. I hate racist people. So I have no idea how to rate this one.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

I hit fyl, as sure he could have kept his mouth shut, but by commenting about it means he didn't go along with her racist point of view even passively. :) And at the same time, he also didn't start a colossus fight/argument over the issue.
Well done OP. :)

By  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

What a cunt! Who needs her op, look after your own life and ignore that old bag.


You get a massive dick..half the time :P I'll go back to my cave now.

  Tdevonner  |  0

...YOU GO DEAF!!!!

  cradle6  |  13

See, this is the irony of FML.

If you suggest that your comment will be thumbed down, everyone will attempt to rebel and thumb you up.

So thumb me down!

But since I suggested that saying 'thumb me down' will cause people to thumb me up, people will now actually thumb me down.

The nuances of FML psychology.

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