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  brivielle  |  15

i agree with him. Lots of injections too

  Wingman527  |  22

What's a catheter and an enema?

  neeni88  |  23

54, Yeah, pretty much. Why should anyone waste their time explaining things when you have the answers right at your fingertips?!

  Garrison21  |  11

Haha that's legen.... Wait for it...dairy

  gameover18  |  17

I'll answer you #37 a catheter is when they shove a tube up your penis hole into your bladder to help with draining and an enema is a tube up your butt most often to help clean it up before medical procedure among other stuff.

  evilscorpi  |  29

working in a nursing home and seeing all and more at times i do wonder and do say i hope it never happens to me but i cant stop life from going the way it chooses.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Yeah, I agree. I think that once you've done it on enough patients, you almost become immune to the pain, because you've seen worse. Not trying to excuse it or anything. One of the most important traits for a doctor is bedside manner.

  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

I've only had a catheter because of major surgery that made it so I wouldn't be able to stand for a few days but that shit sucked. Also many doctors are rude and unsympathetic. I don't give a flying fuck that you went to school for a long time. It doesn't make you right when evidence proves you wrong. Sorry bout that last part since it's irrelevant but my old primary doctor knew I had a level 1 heart block that was causing me to pass out and hid it from me for months. I would have died had I not gotten 4 other doctors to look at in before one suggested the surgery I got. 3 surgeries later and I'm doing a lot better but have a problem with my nerves now. :/

By  traviscool  |  12

Im probably not the only one, but what is that?

  gennyv  |  29

Enemas are medical exams of the butt and catheters are of the genital area. They feel quite weird

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

18 is right about the enemas. Just thought I would add that they are used a lot for constipation as well. You can even give yourself one at home. Catheter's on the other hand are only done by nurses, and are used in a lot of patients for different reasons, but one reason is if they are too sick or ill to get out of bed to pee. The pee goes through the tube and is collected into a bag. I have never had one but catheter's are painful, enema's on the other hand surprisingly aren't.

  dragonkisses28  |  25

Oh so close #46. While most urinary catheters are inserted by nurses, they may also be inserted by doctors if, say, you have a swollen prostate gland, and a nurse is unable to advance the catheter past the swollen gland. Then the doctor may insert the catheter. So they are not only inserted by nurses. Enemas however...are usually medications ordered by a doctor. Rarely does said doctor hang around to administer the enema personally. This is a task usually left to the nurse.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

79, I thought of putting nurses and doctors, but left doctors out as they can obviously do it, however they don't usually. I figured common sense would tell them that a doctor could do it. Although common sense isn't always abound on this website so maybe I should've added doctors too.

  lochiamochia  |  25

Urinary catheters are not only inserted by healthcare professionals, but can also be taught to a patient for self-insertion. There exist people who have to self-cath due to urinary retention multiple times a day.

  aecribb  |  14

Yeah, I'm paralyzed from the waist down and have to cath myself multiple times a day because I can't control my bladder. It's not painful for me obviously since I can't feel it, but I can imagine that it would be quite painful if you could. It's a really simple process, at least for males, that's easily learned, but doing it to yourself, provided you had sensation, could help you understand ways to minimize the discomfort involved.

  mellyski  |  25

Catheters are not too painful for females if inserted properly, I can imagine it might be uncomfortable for males though. I had the doctor throw back the hospital curtains while my nurse was inserting one. Most embarrassing moment of my life, legs spread and the rest of the rooms clear view of my vajayjay. Thanks for checking we were done before barging in doc. I'm glad I vomited on you later in the day. Should have posted this as an FML post. Doh!

By  abineya4  |  7

that sounds... dangerous

  nellbell414  |  13

No cops have to be tased to get the job, you are not allowed to carry one around as a cop unless you have experienced it first, it is also part of your training

By  baseballbv  |  17

That sounds cruel. I'd ask him if he's gone through that.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I think these professors are onto something. I'm surprised so many have said it but I agree completely. It will teach students more compassion and bedside manner when having to give them to others.

By  nix1993  |  37

I once watched an extremely condescending female doctor tell my brother that he needed to 'grow up a bit' because despite him having a UTI 'catheters do not hurt as much as you're making out'. Even if she had had one, I don't think she could possibly comprehend how much more painful it is for a man. I would be far more willing to listen to her after someone has forced a tube down her infected, irritated and inflamed urethra.


Also, due to the position of the penis in relation to the bladder, the catheter basically has to be guided around a curve (two, actually, but one can be straightened out by arranging the penis in a horizontal position). I can imagine this could lead to an incredibly painful experience if the catheter is inserted too quickly.

By  slipstreak  |  10

What a pain in the ass!

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