By Anonymous - / Monday 26 November 2012 13:30 / United Kingdom - Edinburgh
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  AliSama  |  17

#1 mind your own business. #2 make sure they know what the club is about and they did not misunderstand the name. Shoot - sorry comment #1 it was not meant to be a reply to you. I am sorry for this! i have no idea who it did it!

  honeybadgerr  |  9

Lol at first I thought swingers club meant like a swing dancing club.. But when I read your comment it made me second guess that thought because swing dancing isn't creepy.

By  klorehore  |  24

I know a couple who does something similar to swinging, and they're a really happy couple who's been together for many years. Even though it's not for everyone you should let the people who decide to live like that do their thing, even though it's awkward being your parents and all.

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