By Jeremy - / Sunday 10 May 2009 01:04 / United States
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By  PureGold  |  0

OH GOD I hate how parents have absolutely no respect for privacy that way x(. ESPECIALLY when guests are involved and they want to show off something. That's just sooo unfortunate...eww. FYL, and I would imagine those guests were REALLY embarrassed as well. :( And you should have locked your door. Unless your door doesn't have a lock, like mine doesn't. In that case, look into getting one.

  Starcatch77  |  20

I know right? Why couldn't he at least have just waited until the end of the party if he knew there were guests in the house and that his door couldn't lock.

By  depechemode  |  0

fuck off with your 'fake' man! (Number 1) Other than that at: OP, HOW OLD ARE YOU? You can't restrain yourself for a couple of hours? And kind of stupid not to close your door! But, the situation sucks so bad (Your Mother..10 PARTYGUESTS?.. YOU DOG?! saw you masturbate..) well, a very little small FML for you, then.

By  RedJester23  |  6

not everybody has a lock. but i hate my parents when guests are over they want to show off EVERYTHING......... but that had to have been awkward for the rest of the night

  DenBriZel  |  31

Yeah I didn't have a lock when I lived with my parents for the longest time because they wouldn't let me have one. When I was 16 I finally got them to get me one but they made me get one with a keyhole, and made me give them the spare key. *sigh* over controlling untrusting parents.

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