By scully11 - / Tuesday 2 August 2011 18:36 / Canada
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  theindr3dhulk  |  2

Hahahaha.......wowsers this is a classic FML already. Everytime i read it i get a vision of your pops chuckling while he leaves the garden LOL, priceless.

  nateiztite  |  5

i dont think your dad loves you that much


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By  sarabraun8  |  7


  sxe_beast  |  11

I get so many comments on my profile picture, lol. I use it on a few other websites too. That's kind of the point of it... to be disturbing. Haha! :D

By  jeob1992  |  8

old... you moved quick

  airforce987  |  20

Thats not cool at all, stealing from someone else's garden, no matter what you give in return. The only fresh meat I would accept as equal payment is his wife's. *not serious* :D

  TheGianaJinx  |  0

I love her dad too, but I have a thought... Why is OP's dad stealing peas? xD He could have robbed a bank, or mugged the old hag who pelted OP with apples... But no, he stole peas.

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