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oh god i dont know the exact feeling but one time when i was slerping my nephew wrapped yarn around my lip rings and ran as fast as he could. not a great feeling. had to get stitches

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By  species4872

Sounds like the dog became the fisherman. At least the dog practices catch and release.


The west placed rings through the noses of Bulls in order to make them easier to control (or anger, depending on the goal). Prior to this, many cultures, such as the Fulani, Shawnee, South Indians, Tecumseh and Nepalese practice septum piercing or nostril piercing for symbolic or aesthetic reasons. You may be a narrow-minded idiot who can only fathom what is put directly in front of them, but please recognize that stylistic choices may be affected by more than your personal preference.


#14 but... most people don't have those kind of piercings. So surely if they were 'sheep', they'd make an effort to be like most other people and not get piercings in those places?

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