By Anonymous / Tuesday 31 January 2012 17:31 / United States
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By  phantumgrey  |  6

HahahahAhorkhork, agh sorry guys, I think I inhaled a nut or something.


U belong in a tree, cuz ur a nut, srry if its not funny

  littletinyME  |  5

14- yes!! But I just achieved first comment and I am immensely proud of myself! :3

  smellymellyy  |  7

I wonder when FML became a competition to see who can post the funniest and wittiest comments with the most perfect grammar and range of vocabulary and the highest up comment to the top? Don't people have better things to worry about than a comment on an fml?

  smellymellyy  |  7

I've only commented on an fml about 4 times, and was my comment witty or funny? No.
And 'devoted my time', yeah like 5 minutes of it :L oh well I just think people care about such silly and petty things on here, and should stop judging

By  hewdud  |  0

Oh no....

  2ndSucks  |  15

89, molest him? Really? That's going way too far. And don't try to save your comment with the usual "jk guys, chill." Cause that was just stupid.

By  GenaALazer  |  22

spank him

  Osito2011  |  9

Op is probably an actual evil stepmom and that's why he did it. Aw sweet sweet revenge!

  Mitcha857  |  0

Well it shows.. He's lashing out at his stepmom and all she can worry about is her shampoo. Look at the big picture OP

  Bullpine  |  11

If the biological mother is still in the kids life, the stepmother has no right to discipline him to that extent.

  chubby_choco  |  17

Glad to know someone still believes in spanking. I was spanked, and I turned out just fine. And don't buy into that 'it's not a good method' bullshit, because I learned pretty fast what not to do.

By  DrMime  |  10

Looks like it's back to the normal brand!

By  Capt_Awesome137  |  0

That's unfortunate but he's a little kid. What are you gonna do.

By  taytaylal  |  11

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I missed the part where OP said anything about it being a special fancy type of shampoo. She just said it was her favorite. And normal people usually have a favorite shampoo.

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