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I don't know.. I personally think it was a sweet gesture that was simply misconstrued. The girls father was much to quick to judge, OP, but thumbs up to you for being a gentleman. And besides that, he didn't say he opened with "let me mow your lawn.". o.o

I'd be careful what other neighborly services you offer that could be misconstrued. Tip: Do not offer to clean her drainpipes ;)


61: He should also not offer to wax her floors, as not everyone has carpet these days.


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48- that's a crime if passion and most if those are done up close with household items... Things that you yourself use daily... I say we outlaw all household items!!!! Hear hear!!

If there's grass on the infield, play ball! Lol. Jk. Watch your step op, dad's are very protective of their daughters, this is no different. Haha.

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