By Anonymous / Thursday 28 August 2014 04:34 / United States - Boston
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  Garrison21  |  11

Hey at least you got some.

  elly94  |  23

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Aren't all fetishes a bit on the stranger side? They all kind of vary between 'ehh, that's a bit weird, but oh well, what ever floats your little boat' and 'holy macaroni, there is definitely something wrong with you, let me just call an exorcist real quick'

By  LizReszke  |  11

I say this on the moderation list and said yes, and now it got posted. Sweet.

  Enslaved  |  36

Hey, I also get happy when I moderate FMLs and they get posted. I feel that I'm helping by doing a small part to keep this site great.(:
Good for you #3 Way too many people like keeping others down when they say positive things.

By  gunda95  |  11

YDI, mIw vIlIj, 'ej wej tlhIngan vISov


YDI, for not knowing Klingon

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