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  Wizardo  |  48

#1, the only thing epic about this is the level of assholery shown by OP's mom. To be honest its kind of a sad first comment and not too astray from being really weird, dafuq do you read/watch... :/

  BellaBelle_fml  |  45

A few days ago my mom and I were teasing each other and she jokingly called me a brat. I then laughingly said, "It takes one to make one!" We do enjoy a good laugh together. I'm very thankful that I have always had a great relationship with my mom and dad.

  Soloman212  |  45

... Ok, #10? Not to sound disapproving of any good maternal relationship, but what was the point of that comment? Are you trying to very subtly imply that you think that OP's mom was just having a friendly repartee? If so, I think the OP would have known and not considered it an FML. If not, your comment is kind of random.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  45

21 - My comments was not really meant to be applied to this situation. It was more of a response to #2's comment. He said, "Like mother, like daughter.", which made me think of the story I told in which I made a comment similar, "It takes one to make one.", meaning almost the same thing as like mother like daughter. But thinking about it now, it does seen pretty random, lol. I do apologize for the randomness.

  Wizardo  |  45

#27, don't apologise to some stranger on FML for randomness, if FML is one thing it is definitely random as hell, share your stories if you want the first one was pretty endearing ;)

  AngelSpit  |  20

Agreed it could just be the thought of her daughter dating someone just like her sister would be a bit unsettling and she's not comfortable with it and miscommunicated how she felt

By  sigurd  |  22

I would think she doesn't like him being similar to you because she finds it weird that her daughter could be attracted to someone looking like her brother.

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