By hylianprincess - / Thursday 25 September 2014 11:19 / United States
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  cinskeep43  |  15

no way!! a faked death would be so much more fun. and nobody goes to bookstores these days


"Mom, I can't find the house keys" "... Now we can't ever get back into our home!! Time to move to a new country and start a new life!" "But don't we have a spare-" "IT'S TOO LATE NOW, WE NEED TO GO. THERE IS NO GOING BACK"

By  missjessicamarie  |  14

Why not just buy her a new book? Maybe your mom should get checked out to make sure she doesn't have a disorder, like bipolar disorder. That way they can give her some medicine to make her better.

  Lika1712  |  11

@29 & 30 that's not even how you spell " Schizophrenia " and also, I'm sure the mum's just joking around and being over dramatic for the fun of it.

By  Baustigt  |  40

Your mother hasn't really thought this through. Who does she think your friend is going to come after for the book once you're dead? Oh, sure, it seems like a clever idea now. But she'll change her mind when the hired goons start showing up at her door.

By  trellz17  |  19

I know that feeling all too well, when you lose something that doesn't belong to you. Sometimes depending on what it is faking your death does seem that bad.

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