By Nicks / Wednesday 3 July 2013 15:10 / United States - Las Vegas
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  xlord  |  27

She's so huge that they named a planet after her ass!!!

  Love_sosa  |  10

didnt you know some camera's add about 200 pounds now a days?

  dweeds508  |  24

Haha literally

  victrin  |  12


  Iamevil123  |  16

Woah, this escalated quickly.

  SokDek  |  14

she should really invest in fakeblock

  exlexx  |  11

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  CharresBarkrey  |  15

119 - She shouldn't have been in them if she didn't want them seen by anyone. It's OP's wedding photos that they paid for. Pretty sure they have a right to do with them what they want. Or, you know, she could lose some fucking weight if it bothers her that much.

  anythingmustbe  |  18

You guys who are downvoting #103 don't get the joke. Fakeblock is a reference to a fictional software in a T.V show called Arrested Development. Basically Fakeblock allows you to stop people posting pictures of yourself and stuff

  Virtual_BS  |  13

Yup. Block her...
...and then tag her as "fatass" for everyone else to see.
...or even better - use multiple tags to cover her: "fatass part 1", "fatass part 2", etc.


How many pounds does it add for this FML to be under intimacy?

  Phoebe_Buffay  |  14

I got the reference if there was one haha.
Joey: Some girl ate Monica!
Monica: Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds!
Chandler: Oh, so how many cameras were actually on you?

By  perdix  |  29

Mother-in-lawyer? Sounds like double-trouble -- double-chinned double trouble, at that!

A good son-in-law would have paid through the nose to have her Photoshopped down to "chubby."


I see all the FMLs about horrible mother in laws and the whole thing is weird to me. Maybe I got really lucky because my future mother-in-law and I have a really good relationship. It's really unfortunate that mother-in-laws like in this FML are the norm. That being said its probably not a huge task to hate her.

By  604  |  11

Fatscinating! lol

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