By tardspawn - / Sunday 5 April 2015 15:38 / United Kingdom - Horsham
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By  AlyssaDiannaa  |  20

Ask her to step on a scale and compare her weight with yours.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

I've actually never heard of vegetarians being cunts. Vegetarians seem to be the people who are content doing what they do, and don't bother other people about what they eat. Vegans are always the ones I see shouting "meat is murder!" all the time and attempting to proselytize everyone they meet.

  redpanda39  |  10

I actually had a friend in high school who was a vegetarian because some of her friends basically bullied her into it. They weren't vegan, just vegetarian. I remember one day she got pizza for her lunch and as she sat down to eat, one of her vegetarian friends rushed up to her, panicking because it had pepperoni on it.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

Really? That's weird. I've never heard of vegetarians doing stuff like that. I suppose people of all kinds can be pieces of shit.

  kittycatdex  |  8

how can op survive without the meat-vitamins?


Many vegetarians will eat other protein based vegetables, such as beans. These provide most, but not all of the essential amino acids for humans. Also, there is more than one type of vegetarian. There is one group that will not eat the meat of animals but will eat cheese, milk, and eggs (another source of protien). Another group will not eat animal meat or by product except fish. Then vegans don't eat anything pertaining to animals. There are also plenty of supplements for people to take.


Doodlecloud, (number 124).
I am sorry if I have offered you in any way. However, although each variation of vegetarianism diets has its own name; are they not all a type of diet? Just like the Candida Diet or the Atkins Diet are just types of diets. I was not trying to label the people who follow these diets, just explaining the diet itself.

I didn't use the technical terms, such as Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, because I was just explaining where each diet would get their protiens. I was doing this to answer a question. If the person asking the question didn't know what a pescatarian was, me using that term to explain wouldn't make much sense to them.

  be82tw  |  16

@129 Don't let them get to you: Everyone on here knows what you mean when you say "types of vegetarians," and would count all those groups as vegetarians. People insisting on being pedantic and fussing over terminology here is an exercise in absurdity: labels are useful if we are talking about these groups frequently or we need to define closely to compare/contrast, but in context #124 is just being ridiculous.

  Mauskau  |  35

My mum complains if I have more than one slice of ham in my sandwich, saying I'm greedy, whilst she's eating a whole packet of biscuits to herself.

By  JMichael  |  25

Does she diet on cheeseburgers and diet soda?

  jwb8711  |  13

A little bit of cyanide is not good :)

By  jx88  |  14

Sucks to be you! Move out so that she can't give you anymore 'angry lectures'.

By  MELKOZAR  |  27

Tell her that she should try it, and lose some weight!


#22, the last I checked, meat is the best source of protein and iron. If you are not eating complimentary proteins sources you will become anemic. Also, being a vegetarian does not automatically make it healthier. The better choice nutritionally, is to eat a diet with a lot of variety.

  VeganDarkLight  |  31

It may be a good source, but a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet isn't worse. There are omnivores as well as vegans who eat a lot of crap without basically no nutritional value. It all depends on what and how much of it you eat.

  PeaceTurtle  |  17

#32 I've been a vegetarian for 15 years and it really isn't all that bad. I'm still as physically healthy as the common person and I don't have to take supplements. I understand your point of view, but I just wanted to get that out there. If you talk to a dietician and make sure you know what to eat to stay healthy, you'll stay healthy.

  myselfkk  |  20

#32-ya ur right that being veg doesn't make it automatically healthier but if you compare overall ,being veg is always healthier than non-veg. Talking about protiens and other nutrients yes veg diets are low in them little bit but if you have balnce diet that is more than sufficient. And if we consider non-veg diet- being rich in protien content they are rich in saturated fat too ( much if you compare with plant food) which is ofcourse cannot be called healthier.

  AlchemistEd  |  12

#67, saturated fat is not your enemy. it depends on your lifestyle. If someone wants to be vegetarian, fine, it takes work to ensure any diet, vegetarian or otherwise, is balanced and healthy. As a weightlifter, I couldn't do it as I need my protein and fats(well maybe I could but it'd be difficult). I am perfectly healthy and have 20-30% of my diet fat and another 50-60% protein (meat) (http://www.muscleandfitness.com/nutrition/meal-plans/new-and-improved-mf-food-pyramid/slide/5). this is not the place to say one diet is "better" than another, or that food types (protein, fat, carbs, etc) are bad or good. your lifestyle and goals will affect that and everyone needs different nutrition. don't believe the hype on tv about fats though, it all just depends on lifestyle and amounts.

  missambitious  |  21

You guys all have a lot of valid points. I eat meat, not a lot, but I still do eat it and every year when I go for my physical my Dr always says my weight, blood work, etc is picture perfect. So I must be doing something right. I guess any diet, as long as not taken to extremes and as long as you're getting enough proteins and vitamins, is fine.

  myselfkk  |  20

#75- Ya i agree with you that fats are not always bad infact they are essential and yes it depends upon ur lifestyle and amounts. My comment was in response to comment that vegetarian diet doesn't fullfill protien requirements and in terms of comparison of healthier diet options.I'm myself veg and don't need any supplements and upto my knowledge healthy also and also i know many sportsman/atheletes etc who are veg.so basically its ur choice and depends upon lifestyle and its maintenance.
And ofcourse ur right its not place to compare and advice food options to people,it depends upon person to person and their choice.


Today, my mother called me downstairs to give me what I assumed was going to be "The Talk" (About four years too late). So she sits me down, holds my hands, and with the gentlest, most motherly expression on her face tells me, "Honey, if you ever come home pregnant, I'll kill you and the baby." FML

By Litterbox - / Monday 20 April 2009 02:09 / United States
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